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Tuck Bridge Stories: Louis Okon

Tuck Bridge Stories: Louis Okon

  • 04 Aug 2022

Note: This post originally appeared on Louis Okon’s LinkedIn page.

I am happy to share that yesterday I completed the Tuck Business Bridge Program at Dartmouth. The last 3 weeks have been particularly insightful for me. During this time, my interest in business, especially in the growth and financing of firms, was strengthened. In addition, I found new interests in fields like Accounting and concepts such as Reverse Innovation. While the classes and faculty at Tuck Bridge were truly remarkable, the program would not be the same without the enthusiasm of other Bridgers. I was able to learn about empathy by observing others, engage in a host of stimulating conversations ranging from college athletics to militaries, and also appreciate the varying perspectives we brought with us from our different walks of life.

It was a pleasure working with my team members in our valuation of fast-casual chain Shake Shack. Yesterday we presented findings based on our DCF model and qualitative research to faculty and friends of The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. I would like to say a special thank you to Caroline Appleyard, Thomas Wheeler, Elizabeth Fisher, and Nate Davis for being exceptional teammates.

I look forward to harnessing the skills and knowledge I have gained at Tuck Bridge in work and academic spaces as I continue my mission of positively transforming economic landscapes.

—Louis Okon (Centre '25, Bridge'22)