Bridge to Careers

Where do you want to go? Bridge can help you define your path and prepare you for the future.

The Bridge program is all about the future, and we can help you get where you’re going even if you don’t know where that is yet.

Bridge graduates have moved on to careers in dozens of fields. Many have continued to MBA degrees and a spectrum of corporate careers. Others have pursued MD and JD degrees and are bringing business acumen to medicine and law. For some, the path has led to the risky but rewarding world of entrepreneurship. And a select group has moved to the arts and entertainment, their experience augmented by a rigorous business perspective.

At Bridge, you’ll be surrounded by experts who know their way around sorts of careers. Our professors can help you understand what skills and attitudes are required to succeed on the path you choose.

But best of all, you can came to Bridge without any expectations. We’re ready to show you a world of choices. You never know where you’ll want to go.

I recently got a job offer from a Management Consulting firm in San Francisco. I believe that without Bridge I would not have been as strong a candidate.

~Yana Ernazarova, Bridge ’11, Dartmouth ‘12
Consultant at Oliver Wyman
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Abigail Isaacson, T ‘13 Bridge ‘08 on career developement

Abigail Isaacson , Tuck '13 and Bridge '08 discusses how her participation in the Bridge Program prepared her for her job search

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