Summer Bridge applications are being accepted on a rolling basis for Session 1 (waitlist only) and Session 2.

Life at Tuck Bridge

What will your Bridge story be?

Deepen your leadership and teamwork skills.

Like the Tuck MBA program, the Tuck Business Bridge Program® is built on the foundation of a uniquely immersive and collaborative learning community. You’ll be supported by your team members as well as by the Bridge faculty and staff. Through team-based study and a group capstone project, students will deepen their leadership, presentation, and teamwork abilities to become better decision makers and communicators—skills highly sought out by today’s employers.

Gain knowledge from Tuck MBA student mentors.

Tuck Bridge is a rigorous introduction to business and helps students develop the practical and analytical skills necessary to transition to a business career. To achieve the program goals and help Bridge students have the best and most meaningful experience we rely heavily on our Bridge Fellows. Bridge Fellows are Tuck MBA students or recent graduates who support you throughout the program. Bridge Fellows play a key role in the success of the program by managing study groups, being content experts, and mentoring students. They work closely with program participants to help students understand the course material and manage the workload. In addition, they coach assigned study groups, review student resumes and cover letters, give career advice, assist on the group capstone project, and aid faculty members in organizing the classes and evaluating the students' performance.

There are two types of Bridge Fellows: Study Group Manager & Career Development Advisor. In both roles, Bridge Fellows work with students–within study groups or individually–to help them be successful in the Bridge Program and make the most out of their Bridge experience: Study Group Managers work closely with study groups, assisting the students with the academic and project management aspects of the program. Career Development Advisors work with individual students, helping them with career development activities (resume reviews, mock behavioral interviews, guidance, etc.).

  Fleming Landau |  Bridge ’20, Bowdoin ’22

“My study group made the Tuck Business Bridge Program one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I loved working hard and learning each day with my team. I know the relationships I made in this program will last a lifetime.”