Winter Bridge Applications Open August 1

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The Tuck approach to business education—with the emphasis on developing wise, decisive leaders who better the world through business—attracts a special student.

Your investment will help Business Bridge produce the next generation of leaders by helping to set a course for career growth and brighter futures. Thanks to generous support, Tuck Bridge provides financial aid packages, world-class teaching, and innovative programming that helps our students develop the skills and the confidence to transform our world.

Giving to Tuck Business Bridge sustains the resources that make this program exceptional.

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Giving to the Tuck Business Bridge Fund supports the program in the following key areas:


Scholarship support

Scholarship funding plays a vital role in our ability to enroll top talent and to build a dynamic and diverse community of learners. Help us award need-based funding to students who embody our values.

  • Athletes
  • First-generation 
  • Low Income
  • School-specific funding
  • Veterans

Faculty support

To sustain the 21st century liberal arts – the timelessness of a liberal arts education complemented by rigorous business acumen.  Support faculty in the Tuck Business Bridge Program.

Program support

Assist in all aspects of the Tuck Business Bridge Program.

  • MBA Fellows
  • Curriculum Development/Innovation
  • Experiential Team Building
  • Project Support
  • Career Workshops/Career Day
  • Alumni Engagement

Why We Give: Donors Share Their Motivation for Supporting Bridge

Allan Dragone T’82

D’72 Class Continues Legacy of Supporting Bridge Student Veterans

Since launching their scholarship fund nearly a decade ago, the Dartmouth Class of 1972 has supported seven Dartmouth student veterans who have attended the Tuck Business Bridge program.

Allan Dragone T’82

Challenges of First-Year MBA Experience Inspire Bridge Gift

Allan Dragone T’82

“I knew the Bridge experience would be really helpful for students with backgrounds like mine."

Gail Collins Khosla

Bridging the Liberal Arts Experience

Gail Collins Khosla T'82

"Bridge is perfect for students who want both a rich, liberal arts education and a strong foundation in business.”


Expanding Access to Bridge through Endowed Scholarship


Walter Freedman D’60 T’61 and Karen Harrison

"Since making our initial gift, the program has continued to expand and flourish. We saw that the need to provide additional scholarships was there and we were encouraged to continue our support.”


Lebovitz Family’s Strong Tuck Ties Inspires Desire to Give Back

Janet T’78 TUP’20 and Peter T’78 TUP’20 Lebovitz

“It’s gratifying for us to see that impact and to even see some Bridge graduates return to Tuck for their MBA.”


An Extension of Tuck’s Transformative MBA Education

Peter Friedman T’03 and Kitty Northrop Friedman

"We became keenly aware of Bridge’s impact as we began thinking more about the undergraduate path forward into meaningful careers. We wanted to help fulfill this important mission of launching liberal arts graduates into the business world."

As I stand on the brink of new beginnings, armed with the lessons and experiences from the Tuck Bridge program, I do so with a heart overflowing with gratitude. Your scholarship has not just changed my life; it has touched the lives of everyone who has been a part of my journey.”
Gokul Palanisamy
MS, BU’23, Bridge’24
I was born and raised in the city of Chicago by my resilient immigrant parents. I am the first in my family to attend college. From corporate finance to marketing, I know that the skills I have attained from Tuck Bridge will be transferable to my career. I encourage other first-generation students to use Tuck as a resource and a bridge to the business world.
Lesley Mizhquiri
Dartmouth '21, Bridge '20
I grew up in a low-income, Latino household in Harlem. Bridge has been an amazing experience! From learning key-business concepts to meeting an amazing cohort of students, I have enjoyed every second of the program. I am so grateful to have been given a scholarship. I know it will help me become the leader in the health care industry that I want to be.
Brandon Cartagena
Bowdoin '21, Bridge '20
I am from Chicago and served in the US Air Force for 5 years before attending Dartmouth College. I was worried that I would not get the opportunity to attend Tuck Bridge but due to the generosity of donors I was able to attend. The skills that I learned in this program go beyond my professional career and are applicable to other areas in my life. As I get further in my career, I will make sure to pay it forward and support students just as I have been supported.
Karla Rosas
Dartmouth '20, Bridge '20
When I was networking with a Connecticut College alum who works in Morgan Stanley, he suggested the Tuck Business Bridge Program because this program helped him a lot before starting his career in the finance industry. Because of this scholarship, I was able to pick up necessary knowledge to enter the finance industry.
Alireza Mohammadi
Connecticut College '22, Bridge '20