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COVID-19 Update: In order to ensure the health and safety of our community, we will not be offering on-campus, in-person sessions for summer 2020 and fall 2021. All program sessions will be presented virtually. 




Business Bridge Program is offered three times per year: twice in the summer and once in December. Each program is held at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, with the exception of 2020 programs which will be held virtually. Summer Bridge 2021 applications will be live on October 1. 

Eligibility: We accept applications from sophomores through graduating seniors with liberal arts or STEM majors, as well as candidates 1-5 years removed from college pursuing advanced degrees in non-business fields, or working in non-business careers. Undergraduate business majors, and graduates with more than one year of full-time business-related experience, will not be considered. First-year (freshman) undergraduates are not eligible to apply for our program. 


DECEMBER BRIDGE 2020 December 5-December 22, 2020   (Virtual Program) Cost: $7,300* (Includes materials)
Application Review Dates If completed application is submitted by... Receive a decision by...
  September 1 October 1
  October 1 November 1
SUMMER BRIDGE 2021 Session 1: June 14-July 2, 2021 Cost: $10,300* (Includes materials, housing, and meals)
  Session 2: July 7-25, 2021   Cost: $10,300* (Includes materials, housing, and meals)
Application Review Dates If completed application is submitted by... Receive a decision by...
  December 15 January 15
  February 15 March 15
  April 15 May 15
  After April 15, we are continuing to accept applications on a rolling basis.


While there is no typical best candidate for Bridge, there are several qualities that successful candidates possess. Bridge students represent a range of experiences, ideas, and dreams. They come to Hanover with diverse backgrounds and life experiences -- from small, liberal arts colleges and large universities, representing every region of the United States as well as many countries around the world, and with majors ranging from English to engineering to economics. Successful Bridge candidates bring these qualities to our program:

Strong academic record, especially in your major

We want to see that once you commit to a course of study, you push yourself to excel.

Confidence with numbers

Business analytics are quantitative. You do not need to have previous accounting or financial math experience, or even advanced math, but we will look at your courses, work experience, and/or test scores to ensure you have the ability to be successful in the program.

Core values, as demonstrated by your extra-curricular activities

Bridge is a community based on core values of leadership, compassion, and integrity. We look for evidence that you invest yourself in activities outside the classroom that are consistent with your own core values.

Passion for collaboration and teamwork

We seek individuals who will be team players, willing to share their unique knowledge and perspectives with others. We’d love to hear about your team experience.