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Tuck Bridge helps participants transition to careers in business and beyond.

At the Tuck Business Bridge Program®, participants gain essential business skills, learn to leverage your education, and unlock new career opportunities. Business Bridge delivers a comprehensive curriculum taught by top-ranked MBA faculty from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Coupled with a capstone team project, recruiting services, and one-on-one career guidance, the program prepares wise leaders to become the difference in the world of business and beyond.

Student Demographics

The following student demographics include Winter Bridge 2022-23 and Summer Bridge 2023 participants.

Class Profile










U.S. Minorities


Average GPA


Average SAT scores
(Math and Verbal)

Most Popular Majors

Humanities & Social Science 36%

Economics 43%

STEM 21%

Grad Years

Rising Sophomores (2026) 17%

Rising Juniors (2025) 49%

Rising Seniors (2024) 16%

Recent Graduates (2023) 14%

Post-Graduates (2022 & earlier) 4%

Rising sophomore (first-year) applicants are only eligible to apply to Summer Bridge sessions.

Our Diverse Community

The Tuck Business Bridge Program embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values in support of Tuck’s mission. 


Students, faculty, and staff bring a wide range of experiences and perspectives to Tuck’s collaborative community. This is a community that thrives when its members feel engaged with each other, with their work, and with the broader world. 

Tuck’s commitment to diversity applies to the curriculum and to our educational approach. Our collective global mindset means that we value differences, encourage empathy towards the ideas and experiences of others, and educate leaders to successfully navigate the workforce of tomorrow while operating across different cultures, economies, and markets.

The Tuck School does not condone or tolerate racism in any form.  We create, teach, and apply life-changing business knowledge in a distinctly immersive community.  To succeed in our mission, racism—overt or hidden—has no place in our School.  We are committed to providing a campus environment that is welcoming, supportive, and safe.

Our Tuck community is one of remarkable diversity: of races and ethnicities, of gender identities and sexual orientations, of nationalities, of socioeconomic class, of political views, of creed. We draw on the many strengths of this diversity to broaden our learning, to sharpen our decision making, and to enrich our spirits. We will continue to strive for a more equitable and inclusive society—through our research, teaching, and application of ideas that can transform our world.

  Matthew Slaughter | Dean,  Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth 


DEI at Tuck Bridge

Inclusive Leadership: The Business Case for Diversity
In this session, students will learn about the framework of Inclusive Leadership and discuss the role and impact of diversity in/on individuals, teams and organizations. Using small group discussion, and creating a safe space for curiosity and dialogue, we will give students the opportunity to reflect on their own lived experiences, hear about the experiences of others and explore what wise and inclusive leadership means to them.

What diversity means for Tuck now is ensuring, to the best of our abilities and with the things we can control, that we have the broadest, most talented prospective students in our pipeline. This in turn will ensure that class by class we co-create a space where we fulfill our mission in an environment that has proven itself for more than 100 years to be one of the world’s best educational institutions.

  Dia Draper | Assistant Dean for DEI, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth 
Read a conversation with Dia Draper on “Leading with Integrity”


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