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Virtual Bridge

Our virtual curriculum will include all of the same comprehensive business topic areas as our traditional residential program.

We know that making connections with your fellow classmates and Tuck faculty, staff, and MBA students is a unique and important aspect of the Business Bridge Program®. Our online program will provide virtual opportunities for you to have those interactions through group team-building activities, academic simulations, and space to work directly with faculty, Bridge alumni, and current Tuck MBA students.

Carefully selected Tuck MBA program teaching assistants (Bridge Associates) will be supporting you in all areas during the program. Bridge Associates play a key role in the success of the program by managing study groups, being content experts, and mentoring students. They work closely with program participants to help students understand the course material and manage the workload. In addition, they assist faculty members in organizing the classes and evaluating the students' performance.


Upcoming Virtual Programs

Summer Session II: July 11 – July 30, 2021

Business Curriculum

The academic curriculum will be delivered as a hybrid model with approximately 75 percent synchronous (live) and the remainder asynchronous (a combination of pre-recorded videos from the faculty, readings, and both individual and group assignments).

Students will be required to be present for all synchronous (live) programming, all scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).


Career Development Programming

Business Bridge will continue to collaborate with the Tuck Career Development team to deliver content in both industry exploration and skill development. In addition, we are working closely with our corporate partners to provide a virtual Career Bridge recruiting day, including alumni discussion panels, networking opportunities, and distribution of our Bridge resume book.

Group Capstone Project

All Bridge student teams will complete a capstone project by selecting a publicly-traded company and analyzing it using skills acquired during virtual Bridge class sessions. At the end of the Tuck Business Bridge Program®, each team will present its findings to experienced professionals and members of the Tuck faculty for feedback. Student teams will work closely with designated Bridge Associates, providing guidance throughout the process.


Online Technology Integration

Virtual Bridge will use Zoom video-conferencing to facilitate the co-learning and collaborative nature of our program.


Program Schedule

The Business Bridge Program is the same time commitment as a full-time job, plan on (at least) 40 hours of work per week. All Bridge classes/events are scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Students are required to be present for all synchronous (live) programming. Here is a breakdown of the program schedule:


                  Morning 1: Class (9-10:30am, 90 minutes)

                  Morning 2: Class (10:45-12:15pm, 90 minutes)

                  Career Services/Study/Lunch Break (12:15-2pm, 105 minutes)

                  Afternoon 1: Class or Lab (2-3:30pm, 90 minutes)

                  Afternoon 2: Class or Lab (3:45-5:15pm, 90 minutes)

                  Evening Programs: Course/Project Work in Study Groups (6:30-9:30pm, 180 minutes)




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"The Tuck Business Bridge Program was an outstanding experience. Not only did it build my knowledge base in finance, but it gave me confidence moving forward with my career search and future interviews. I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about career and personal development."
-John Athanasian, Bridge ‘20


"The Tuck Business Bridge Program was an incredible opportunity to explore business concepts and career fields. Because of this program, I am more confident going into the consulting field."
-Karla Rosas, Bridge '20


"The Bridge Program was everything I wanted. I learned the skills I needed to bridge the gap between my studies in Data Science and passion for Finance. This will be the defining experience that allows me to transition into the career I desire."
-Evan Richter, Bridge ’20


Watch: Virtual Tuck Business Bridge Program Info Session and Q&A


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