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Tuck Bridge Stories: Goodwill Batalingaya

Tuck Bridge Stories: Goodwill Batalingaya

Goodwill Batalingaya is a Dartmouth Class of 2016 and studied Applied Mathematics. On campus, Goodwill has served as the Student Director for the Dartmouth Center for Service as well as the President of the Dartmouth Minorities in Business Association (DMBA). He has professional experience at Eli Lilly & Co.; Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.; J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Undergraduate Launching Leaders, and OTR Global LLC. Goodwill plans to pursue a career in private equity. This is his story:

The Tuck Business Bridge Program was among the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve been a part of during my time as an undergraduate. At the start of the program, we were promised that at the end of three weeks, we would walk out of the program transformed further by “Bridge experience;” that we would each develop skills in business analysis, and that we would connect with our Bridge classmates and team members in very deep and meaningful ways.

If you are anything like me, this was a lofty promise to deliver in just three weeks. After week one, through our various group activities and conversations, I realized that my group members and fellow “Bridgers” were among the most fun-loving, humble, and intellectually gifted individuals I may have ever met. By week two, with each of us having chosen our final projects, our competitive spirits showed as we strove to be the best Bridge groups of past, present, and future. By week three, thanks to the tangible skillsets we had each gained, I could see the fire in each of us; a renewed confidence in our abilities to reinvent the world and to ultimately to tackle the issues we cared most about. Every single day was a laugh shared, every class was knowledge gained, every discussion was a new perspective learned. The Tuck Business Bridge Program reawakened a passion in me for business, social issues, and the world at large. And I would not trade that experience for anything else.


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