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Tuck Bridge Stories: Kyle Emery

Tuck Bridge Stories: Kyle Emery

Kyle Emery attended Tuck Bridge in summer 2020 as part of our virtual cohort. He was highlighted by Union Athletics about his time at Bridge.


Name: Kyle Emery
Sport: Men's Lacrosse
Major: Economics
Program: Participated in the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth's Business Bridge Program

Kyle Emery is entering his junior year with the Union College men's lacrosse team, where he has been a two-year member on defense.As a sophomore, he was a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and Garnet Society. In the classroom, Kyle earned Liberty League All-Academic Team honors this past season as an Economics major.

Was getting into a program like this something you planned on doing this summer?
I planned on having a resume builder this summer after interning at a Mutual Fund Management Company during my freshman summer, but I was unsure what that would be as there are difficulties with sophomores pursuing business internships, especially now with COVID's impact.

How did you learn about this program?
I learned about the program through the Career Center, Union alumni, and recent Union graduates from the Class of 2019. I applied to the program via an online application, which included questionnaires, personal essays, and professor recommendations. I received my acceptance letter around April.

What did you do at your program?
As part of the Business Bridge Program I was taught introductions to basic Business School courses by M.B.A. faculty. Using these teachings, I was tasked with a group project to value an NYSE company of our choosing and present this valuation to a panel after the program. I was exposed to coursework such as corporate finance, financial accounting, strategy, and marketing, along with multiple team-building exercises, and access to Dartmouth's network of career services. My group had a lot of success through this program, and our final presentation on Chipotle Mexican Grill will be featured on the school's website and social media pages.

Was your program changed at all due to the pandemic?
The program was originally supposed to be completely in-person, as I was supposed to live in the Dartmouth dorms and attend classes and seminars throughout Dartmouth's facilities. Because of COVID, the program went entirely virtual. Our central platform was Canvas (the equivalent of Nexus) where every resource of the in-person program was transferred to be online. Classes and seminars were virtual on Zoom, and my group met daily on Zoom to complete group work and our final presentation.

How is your program related to your major?
As an economics major who has a passion to enter the business world after graduation, I had not known what area I was most passionate about. Through this program and exposure to the major parts of the corporate and non-corporate business, I have developed a new interest in marketing and some career paths following this sector. I hope to continue my search with the career center now knowing this
about myself.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
I still am shaping my career path and hope with the help of the Becker Career Center, I will formulate that this coming fall.

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Tuck Bridge Stories: Stephen Jahelka

Tuck Bridge Stories: Stephen Jahelka

Stephen Jahelka is a senior at Harvard College where he studies economics and plays defenseman on the lacrosse team. In 2014, as a sophomore, Stephen attended the Tuck Business Bridge Program looking for a job. What he left with was much more. This is his story:

I was overwhelmed with excitement when I was accepted into the Business Bridge program January of my sophomore year. On paper, the choice to go to Bridge for the summer was a no brainer - a top MBA school environment with their staff and a curriculum focused on improving my technical finance skills. My goal was to even the playing field when going into internship interviews my junior fall with students who had an undergraduate business school education that is not available to students at Harvard.

Two years removed, it still amazes me how far outside the classroom my Bridge experience spanned. While I honed all of the technical skills I wanted to prior to going, it was the experiences outside of the classroom that helped me grow not only as a student and job applicant, but also as a person. When I think of Bridge, I think of how I was challenged both personally and professionally to work closely with a group of the same five people for a month straight. I think of all of the times I bonded with my classmates over meals, down by the Connecticut River and at night socially. Most importantly, I think of all of the connections I made, not only in the professional world, but the lifelong friends that I still talk and see, some on a weekly basis.

It was hard to realize while I was learning an entire MBA curriculum in four weeks time, but I now know how much of an impact Bridge has had on my life. It helped me tremendously getting my internship and full time offer as a consultant at KPMG, where I plan to return following graduation. Despite getting a job being my initial purpose for going to Bridge, I am now more grateful for the experiences that I had and people that I met during my time in Hanover, New Hampshire. The Bridge experience is truly unparalleled and world class. If I could, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, so I envy those of you who have the opportunity to do it this summer and hope you take advantage of applying!

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