Winter Bridge Session 1 will be open to Dartmouth students only.

Tuck Bridge Stories: Brian Ragone

Tuck Bridge Stories: Brian Ragone

Brian Ragone graduated from Amherst College in 2016 with a major in Mathematics. He attended Tuck Bridge in 2015. Brian currently works in Operations/Special Projects at Uber. This is his Bridge story:

Why did you choose to attend Bridge?
Bridge provides the foundational components of business administration to enable accelerated understanding of end-to-end business management. It’s the perfect "Intro to Being an Executive" education. 

What most surprised you about Bridge?
The skills and exposure you get at Tuck Bridge are fully applicable to any business opportunity; in combination with a liberal arts education, Bridge provides a dynamic perspective to enter the professional world. 

Do you have a favorite memory from Bridge?
Preparing for the final presentation to pitch the panel of consultants and executives. This was phenomenal training and the pressure was on; it was great experience early in the professional timeline and can be built upon to give you a competitive advantage down the road. 

Describe your Bridge experience in one word or phrase.
Phenomenally applicable.    

Anything else you’d like to share to a prospective student? 
Yes - the program builds your resume. But even more important than a line item on a piece of paper is the fact that you’re investing in yourself to build a foundational skillset you’ll use throughout your entire professional life. You’ll have to fully commit yourself to the program.