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Tuck Bridge Stories: Alec Marchuk

Tuck Bridge Stories: Alec Marchuk

Alec Marchuk attended Tuck Bridge in 2014 and graduated from Dartmouth in 2015. He currently is an MBA Candidate at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Before starting my MBA, I worked at ClearView Healthcare Partners. In this position my key responsibility was to lead the day-to-day efforts of our healthcare projects to success.  That encompassed managing teams of analysts and consultants, overseeing the client experience, driving the thinking behind our problem solving, and shaping how we ultimately presented our findings/recommendations. 

I wanted to attend Bridge because as senior year approached, I had no idea what opportunities existed post-graduation for me to be able to use my science and economics backgrounds meaningfully.  I felt the resources available through Bridge, and Tuck more broadly, would help me find a path forward and build helpful skills along the way.

I think what surprised me most was how invested the Bridge team becomes in those who attend the program, even once it is over.  It has been years since I graduated Bridge, but I am still connected to the program through my relationships with the wonderful team who makes Bridge happen, which I really value and never would have expected.

Tuck Bridge was critical in shaping my career trajectory, as my one-on-one sessions with the Career Development team were what initially introduced me to healthcare-focused consulting.