Winter Bridge Applications Open August 1

Scholarship and Aid

Business Bridge admits a highly qualified class of students without regard to their financial circumstances. We offer an array of need-based aid, aid for first-generation students, and aid for students from specific institutions.



All scholarship aid awards are made possible through the generosity of philanthropic donors, including Business Bridge, Tuck, and Dartmouth alumni, alumni from partner institutions, corporations, and nonprofit foundations. We offer scholarships to enroll outstanding students who, absent funding, might not attend the program. All scholarship recipients will be required to write a letter of appreciation to the donor. 

Bridge Aid 

Aid is available to admitted students who demonstrate need and who will contribute significantly to the program through classroom performance and leadership.  Students complete an aid application after they have been accepted into the program. Aid is determined based on a variety of factors, including cost of the program, the student's ability to contribute, student debt levels consistent with successful repayment, and the school's availability of funds. Aid helps cover the direct expenses of attending the program, including tuition, fees, meals, and lodging. Bridge is for everyone with the potential and motivation to succeed and we will work with strong candidates from all backgrounds to join us. We encourage students to apply early as financial aid is distributed to students as they apply. Aid given through the Bridge program has no correlation to any institutional or federal funding you may receive for your degree and is given as a discount based on need, the average aid package covers 30-40% of the program's tuition.

Employer Support

Students with internships or job offers have had success asking their employers to pay some or all of the Bridge fees. Employers reap the benefits of Bridge students' increased effectiveness on the job. 

Institution-Specific Support

Some colleges and institutions are able to provide financial aid funding for Tuck Bridge, inquire with your career services office to see if that applies to your institution. 

Thanks to our generous donors, Tuck Business Bridge may offer additional scholarship funding to students who are currently enrolled at the following institutions: Colorado College, CU Boulder (for Mechanical Engineering students), Dartmouth College, and NESCAC Schools: Amherst College, Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College, Colgate University, Connecticut College, Hamilton College, Middlebury College, Tufts University, Trinity College, and Wesleyan University.

I was born and raised in the city of Chicago by my resilient immigrant parents. I am the first in my family to attend college. From corporate finance to marketing, I know that the skills I have attained from Tuck Bridge will be transferable to my career. I encourage other first-generation students to use Tuck as a resource and a bridge to the business world.
Lesley Mizhquiri
Dartmouth '21, Bridge '20
Since immigrating to the United States from Cuba, I have followed the calling to serve those in my community. Though I brought to Bridge a broad set of skills, there was something I could not gain from my undergraduate education: a hands-on experience within the business world. I sought admission into the program and was able to attend thanks to the generosity of a private donor. I can say with certainty that Bridge is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Melany Quintero
Dartmouth '23, Bridge '20
I grew up in a low-income, Latino household in Harlem. Bridge has been an amazing experience! From learning key-business concepts to meeting an amazing cohort of students, I have enjoyed every second of the program. I am so grateful to have been given a scholarship. I know it will help me become the leader in the health care industry that I want to be.
Brandon Cartagena
Bowdoin '21, Bridge '20
I am from Chicago and served in the US Air Force for 5 years before attending Dartmouth College. I was worried that I would not get the opportunity to attend Tuck Bridge but due to the generosity of donors I was able to attend. The skills that I learned in this program go beyond my professional career and are applicable to other areas in my life. As I get further in my career, I will make sure to pay it forward and support students just as I have been supported.
Karla Rosas
Dartmouth '20, Bridge '20
When I was networking with a Connecticut College alum who works in Morgan Stanley, he suggested the Tuck Business Bridge Program because this program helped him a lot before starting his career in the finance industry. Because of this scholarship, I was able to pick up necessary knowledge to enter the finance industry.
Alireza Mohammadi
Connecticut College '22, Bridge '20
As an aspiring tech entrepreneur who grew up in Manila, Philippines, I am grateful that I was able to attend the Tuck Bridge Program through a scholarship. The knowledge, skills, and network I gained through this program will help me immeasurably in my future pursuits, especially in my goals of cultivating the tech ecosystems of emerging markets. I decided to apply to the Bridge program because I wanted to apply my theoretical knowledge in real-world cases as well.
Philippe Bungabong
Wesleyan '22, Bridge '20