Tuck Summer Business Bridge Program Overview

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Through an intensive, fast-track summer program the Tuck Business Bridge Program delivers three major assets: knowledge, experience, and opportunity. Together, these assets can help you move forward with confidence as you build your career and pursue other life objectives.

We’ll give you a comprehensive foundation of essential knowledge and skills that will help you understand what’s going on in business and add real value to your work. Our integrated curriculum provides classroom and person-to-person instruction.

Additional sessions provide overviews of entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, corporate social responsibility, leadership and others.

Sometimes you learn something and wonder if you’ll get a chance to use it before you forget it. We know the feeling.

So a major part of Bridge is a massive corporate valuation project. Working in a team, you’ll do a complete market, strategic, financial, and competitive analysis of a company. That means you’ll take everything you’ve learned and apply it right away. Then your group will step it up a notch and present your findings to a panel of industry experts and MBA faculty. It’s a real-world experience that locks what you’ve learned into your brain. And gives you some professional polish in the process.

A big part of Bridge is about moving on after Bridge. And we’re here to help you pursue opportunities for the future.

Workshops will show you how to market yourself. You’ll learn the tricks and pitfalls of writing cover letters and résumés. And your own résumé will be included in our online résumé book sent to recruiters. Thanks to mock interviews and coaching, you’ll know how to shine in front of recruiters and tackle the tough analytical questions they may throw at you

At interactive career panels you’ll learn about various industries – from investment banking to nonprofits – and sharpen your career focus. Plus, during our Career Bridge event, you can meet face to face with recruiters from companies such as Google, Procter & Gamble, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Deloitte Consulting and many others.

At Bridge, it’s all about the future.

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No matter how much knowledge you have coming into the program, you’ll come out knowing more. You’ll come out having had an experience that many don’t get. It’s a challenge that will help you grow as an individual and as a professional. It really is a “life advantage.” That’s not just a slogan; Bridge really does provide that.

~Joyce Cadesca, Bridge ’09, Columbia University ’05, Tuck ‘13
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Tuck Bridge: Real-World Experience

The Bridge Project allows you to put into practice all the hard and soft skills you start acquiring from day one.

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