The most powerful way to learn about the Bridge experience is through the voices of our alumni. Hear for yourself what makes Bridge a uniquely transformative and immersive experience.

"I decided to apply to the Bridge program to give myself a foundation in business to complement my liberal arts education. I cannot say enough about the program--I came out of it with concrete skills that I use at work all the time. Better yet, I am at a job that mergers the business skills I gained at Bridge with my academic focus in college, international relations. 
—  Jena Goettisheim, Bridge '13, Tufts'13, Transfer Pricing at Ernst & Young

"I had one of the greatest experiences I could have asked for. The professors were all unbelievable and the courses were highly informative."
— Grace Doering, Bridge '11, Middlebury '13, Digital Advertising Coordinator at the Wall Street Journal

"The lessons I learned in class, group work, and interview prep helped me secure my job and perform at a much higher level in the corporate world. I discussed Tuck Bridge at length and I believe that I was accepted largely because of my ability to communicate my understanding of business concepts."
— Liza Winton, Bridge '12, Middlebury '13, Assistant Planner at Theory

"The career component was absolutely essential for me and it surpassed my expectations. CareerBridge was incredibly valuable in boosting my confidence in networking and interviewing skills."
— Rohan Bhatt, Bridge '13, Williams '15, Political Economy Major

"I applied to Bridge to build on the quantitative skills that had been missing in my liberal arts education, and left with so much more."
— Shala Byers, Bridge ’07, Dartmouth ‘07, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

"I was so happy with the TAs, their accessibility, and their willingness to help in any way possible. They were one of the biggest highlights of the entire program. They were eager to share their knowledge at any and every step of the way, from tailoring resumes to practicing mock interviews, and they gave students a great sense for how the business skill set applies to a variety of different careers."
— Todd Langstaff, Bridge '13, Middlebury '13, Guo, johnTest

"I originally approached the Business Bridge program from a purely educational standpoint and never expected to be able to get a job offer out of it. But here I am 10 weeks later with just that!"
— John Guo, Bridge ’12, Dartmouth ‘13

"From classes, to panels, to seminars, and group work, I felt like I got a truly unique and multifaceted introduction to the business world that would have been impossible to come by anywhere else. As somebody with a purely liberal arts background, I was amazed at how quickly Bridge allowed me to become conversational in areas with which I had no prior experience. Getting together with my group and presenting our valuation of Asics was certainly a top highlight in my academic life thus far."
— Christopher McKenna, Bridge '14, Harvard '16, Government Major

"The Tuck Bridge Program not only gave me the fundamental tools I needed to launch my interest in finance, it also played a crucial role as a signal to employers of my commitment to gaining financial expertise beyond the courses available at Middlebury. When my boss called me to offer me a job at Goldman Sachs, he explicitly said that taking the initiative to become financially literate at Bridge was a main differentiator in my candidacy."
— Craig Thompson, Bridge '12, Middlebury '14, Analyst, Goldman Sachs

"The launching of the Smith-Tuck Bridge program at Smith will be an amazing opportunity that every Smithie should take advantage of. It will offer the tools necessary to compete in the business sphere, a world that often feels limiting or unattainable for many women. The energetic and collaborative environment of the Tuck Bridge program mixed with Smith’s empowering philosophy feels like the perfect mixture for success. I am excited to see what powerful women business leaders emerge from this program."
— Maria Moscoso, Bridge '14, Smith College '15, Economics Major

"I both received and accepted an offer to join J.P. Morgan as a full-time analyst in their Leverage Finance group at the investment bank. Bridge definitely played a huge role in preparing me for this career path. I hope you know how much I appreciate your support."
— Sarah Albert, Bridge ’11, Amherst ‘13

"Bridge has been hugely helpful in thinking about business strategy and developing [my] company. I had a foundation on entrepreneurship through Tufts, but Bridge has really solidfied my understanding of a lot of the quantitative aspects."
— Lou Tamposi, Bridge '13, Tufts '12, Teach for America Corps Member / Entrepreneur

"The Tuck Bridge program provided me with an excellent supplement to my liberal arts education. I would not be where I am today without the Tuck program and career guidance."
— Garret Stalker, Bridge '13, Kenyon College '15, Economics Major

"No matter how much knowledge you have coming into the program, you’ll come out knowing more. You’ll come out having had an experience that many don’t get. It’s a challenge that will help you grow as an individual and as a professional. It really is a “life advantage.” That’s not just a slogan; Bridge really does provide that."
— Joyce Cadesca, Bridge ’09, Columbia University ’05, Tuck ‘13

"The Bridge Program provides exactly that-: an effective “bridge” from a liberal arts education into business thinking."
— Sean Morris, Bridge ’09, Bowdoin College ’10, Public Policy Data Anaylst at Abt Associates

"The study groups really taught me a lot about sharing responsibilities, trusting others, and delegating work. I use this daily in my current job and it has helped me manage my time more efficiently and ultimately, run a successful team in which each individual understands how their role affects the larger picture."
— Debra LoCastro, Bridge ’05, Colgate ‘05, University Programs Manager at Google

"CareerBridge was more than a valuable experience, it was a life changing one."
— Tyson Shepherd, Bridge '13, Holy Cross '13

"College-level classes don’t really compare in terms intensity to the classes at Bridge. There you are exposed to these courses for only a few weeks, but in that brief time the rigorous training and work that you do prepares you for taking the next step to finding a job in the real world."
— Artie Mittnacht, Bridge ’09, Middlebury ’09

"I had a fantastic time at Bridge. It is one of the most worthwhile experiences I’ve had. I work at an investment consulting firm now and regularly come across the concepts I was introduced to at Bridge. I also became a huge fan of Dartmouth and Hanover, so I already know it's a place where I would really enjoy continuing my studies."
— Octavian Jordan, Bridge ’09, Williams College ‘10, Research Assistant at Petrizzo Bond, Inc.

"I recently got a job offer from a Management Consulting firm in San Francisco. I believe that without Bridge I would not have been as strong a candidate."
— Yana Ernazarova, Bridge ’11, Dartmouth ‘12, Consultant at Oliver Wyman

"I feel lucky to have been a part of this prestigious program. It was the perfect opportunity to broaden my horizons. Thanks to Bridge, I entered my marketing internship in D.C. with a great deal of confidence."
— Peyton Hawkins, Bridge ’11, Colgate University ‘12, Account Manager at SinglePlatform

"Bridge helped me realize that an MBA program would be an important part of my career development and that Tuck was where I wanted to make that happen. Everything that impressed me about the school during Bridge has held true in the full-time MBA program."
— Daniel Torres, Bridge ’07, Colby ’05, Tuck ‘11, Senior Financial Analyst at Google

"My Bridge experience has set me apart from other young applicants and helped me secure a job that may otherwise have gone to someone with several years of experience."

— Caryn LoCastro, Bridge ’07, Middlebury College ‘07, Marketing Manager at Sundance Channel

"As I’ve progressed in my career, I’ve kept a strong relationship with Bridge. My company has built a lasting relationship with the program, allowing me to increase our recruiting pipeline and bring in qualified candidates."
— Mat Ackerman, Bridge ’04, Dartmouth College ‘05, Engagement Manager at Axia Limited

"I came to Bridge to gain direction and personal development. It gave me the answer to the question ‘who am I in the business world?’"
— Ashlee Scott, Bridge ’09, University of Southern California ‘07, Teach for America

"We provide our students with a challenging but enriching experience. The academic and personal growth seen in our students in four weeks is impressive. Many of our alums will pursue a career in business, for others it might be a career in law, medicine, engineering or other areas. Our team approach to learning and the analytical skills gained allow our students to excel in many different fields."
— Gail A. Taylor, Business Bridge faculty member

"Bridge was the perfect fit for my summer plans since I had difficulty getting a good internship in this economy. You can tell people you're a fast learner, that you work really hard, and that you're a good writer, but in today's competitive fields you need to show employers that you have the basic business skills."
— Claire Talcott, Bridge ’09, Trinity College ’10

"Bridge’s focus on teamwork helped give me the confidence to pursue a career outside of my experience and education."
— Maggie Brown, Bridge ’05, Boston College ‘05, Senior Data Analyst Consultant at A.T. Kearney