The most powerful way to learn about the Bridge experience is through the voices of our alumni. Hear for yourself what makes Bridge a uniquely transformative and immersive experience.


"Tuck Bridge was the first time that I felt like I was able to directly apply the knowledge I was learning in the classroom to real world situations."
— Megan Grip, Bridge '17, Hamilton '19

"Bridge was critical in shaping my career trajectory, as my one-on-one sessions with the Career Development team were what initially introduced me to healthcare-focused consulting."
— Alec Marchuk, Bridge '14, Dartmouth '15, Senior Consultant & Project Lead at ClearView Healthcare Partners

"The skills and exposure at Bridge are fully applicable to any business opportunity; in combination with a liberal arts education, Bridge provides a dynamic perspective for entering the professional world."
— Brian Ragone, Bridge '15, Amherst College '15, Operations/Special Projects, Uber 

"Attending Tuck Bridge was one of the best decisions I made. It strengthened not only my academic skill set but my relationship, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration abilities as well."
— Rachel Osborne Smith, Bridge ’12, Smith ’14, Director of Design & Merchandising at Macy’s

"I guarantee you will come out of Tuck knowing far more than you would expect to learn in a few weeks, and with a boosted confidence to navigate the financial and business world.
— Charles Harker, Bridge ’17, Bates ‘19



"Tuck Bridge is an asset that will continue to support you for the rest of your life. It was the most academically challenging adventure I have ever been on, but it was also the most rewarding."

Puja Devi, Bridge '17 (Dartmouth College '19, Government)

"I chose Tuck Bridge because I knew it would be the best opportunity for me to meet smart and talented individuals while immersing myself in a rigorous yet meaningful MBA curriculum."

Avery Gibson, Bridge '18 (Colby College '20, Mathematical Sciences/Statistics)

"As an international student, Tuck Bridge equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the financial service industry and provided a strong alumni network beyond the program."

Jonny Lee, Bridge '17 (University of California Irvine '16, Economics)

"I recommend Tuck Bridge to ANYONE and EVERYONE, whether business is your passion, or not. I am beyond fortunate to have had this opportunity, and I cannot wait to see the impact it has on my future."

Courtney Peyko, Bridge '18 (Connecticut College '20, Economics)

"Tuck Bridge offered new possibilities and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals who can provide a platform to turn my goals into a reality."

Jodi Ann Wang, Bridge '18 (Kenyon College '20, International Relations)

I've never felt as empowered as I do now that I have the necessary skills and access to resources to succeed in any professional setting. Tuck Bridge was a defining moment in my career trajectory."

Ayub Sharif, Bridge '17 (Dartmouth College '19, Sociology/Human-Centered Design)