Bridge Faculty

Learn from the world’s best

The Tuck Business Bridge faculty are among the best business teachers in the world. That’s because they’re the same people who teach in our MBA program, which is consistently ranked among the top handful of business programs around the globe.

Our professors are recognized as leaders in their fields – innovative thinkers, distinguished researchers, and great classroom instructors. They'll be at your disposal, working with you face to face. They’ll make sure you come away from Bridge with critical knowledge and marketable skills.

After class, you'll work with MBA-level teaching assistants who will help you complete your understanding of challenging topics and keep you running up to speed with the curriculum.

For up-to-the-minute perspectives on the business world and career opportunities, industry experts and top corporate recruiters come to Bridge for panel discussions. They serve as your ultimate reality check, helping you get your head around the business world and the job market – quickly.

2014 Tuck Bridge Faculty

Professor Hansen on teaching Bridge

Professor Hansen talks about teaching managerial economics in the Bridge Program.

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