Learn From Some of the Best Faculty in the World

From your first day in Bridge, you'll be actively engaged in classes taught by some of Tuck's best faculty. You'll be challenged to make decisions, not merely memorize facts. The highlight of Bridge for many students is a multi-round business simulation in which teams of students take over a "company" and use everything they've learned to compete with other teams in a realistic marketplace.

Material across different courses is integrated (your professors actually talk to each other) so that everything you learn and do in class directly supports your Bridge capstone project and your personal career development.

Tuck Bridge Courses

Core Courses

Business Communications
Corporate Finance
Financial Accounting
Managerial Economics
Spreadsheet Modeling

Additional Topics

Business Ethics
Corporate Social Responsibility
Nonprofit Management
Organizational Behavior

Capstone Project

You will leverage all of your knowledge, skills and abilities to analyze and assess real-world issues and opportunities. You will leave Bridge with a tangible example of your potential business skills to share with employers, plus hands-on experience delivering a business presentation to clients and colleagues.

Choose Project Stream: Company Valuation or Market Assessment

Select a company product for analysis

Perform Research

Analyze Data

Draw Conclusion: Stock Price or Market Size

Present Findings to Panel of Industry Executives and Faculty