Career Development

The fast-track career track

Bridge offers unmatched career prep that will help you get on the fast track to success.

Start with Bridge’s course work and team experiences, which will deliver a grounding in basic business tools and perspectives. Not only will our curriculum make you more attractive to employers, but it will help you stand out from the crowd of newbies once you start your job.

But in addition to nuts-and-bolts knowledge, we also offer a real insider advantage in the process of getting a job.

• You’ll receive coaching in how to present yourself to prospective employers. You’ll learn the ins and out of writing résumés and cover letters. And you’ll get advice on how to handle yourself in interviews and business presentations.

• You’ll get savvy information on what to expect in the industry you’re focused on, what prospective employers are looking for, and what they expect to see in their new hires. You’ll participate in career panels featuring the top names in consulting, investment banking, marketing, nonprofits, and other industries. And what you learn will be first hand, coming directly from people inside the companies and organizations who are looking for… you.

• You’ll get a head start on networking as you work with your Bridge professors and meet face to face with Bridge alumni who have succeeded before you. As a member of the Bridge Alumni network, you’ll have access to hundreds of people working around the world.

• You’ll be first in line for recruiting opportunities thanks to Bridge career programs. That’s when you’ll meet with representatives of major players in top career fields – in interviews, at lunch, or at the Career Bridge Fair.

Tlangstaff Test

I was so happy with the TAs, their accessibility, and their willingness to help in any way possible. They were one of the biggest highlights of the entire program. They were eager to share their knowledge at any and every step of the way, from tailoring resumes to practicing mock interviews, and they gave students a great sense for how the business skill set applies to a variety of different careers.

~Todd Langstaff, Bridge '13, Middlebury '13
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