Apply to MBA

When it's time to apply, we're with you every step of the way

The Bridge Program is the closest experience you can have to an MBA program. You are learning from MBA faculty, sitting in MBA classrooms, and living in MBA residence halls. If you are thinking an MBA is in your future, the Bridge Program is a great tester before you invest a lot of time and money. As a Bridge alum, you will always be apart of the Bridge and Tuck community and we hope that you come back to Tuck in a few years to get your MBA

Bridge advantage to applying to Tuck

  • You are familiar with Tuck and Hanover
  • You will have exclusive invitations to Tuck MBA Admissions events
  • Connections with other Bridge alumni who are also Tuck alumni or current Tuckies
  • Counseling and advice on your MBA application process
  • Your Tuck MBA application fee is waived!

But Tuck may not be the best MBA program for you. Bridge alumni can be found in all of the top MBA programs. If you're thinking about getting your MBA, let us know and we'll help you get there!

Bridge helped me realize that an MBA program would be an important part of my career development and that Tuck was where I wanted to make that happen.  Everything that impressed me about the school during Bridge has held true in the full-time MBA program.

~Daniel Torres, Bridge ’07, Colby ’05, Tuck ‘11
Senior Financial Analyst at Wizards of the Coast
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