Financial Aid

We offer an array of need-based aid. The financial aid committee determines their eligibility for scholarship and loans based on a variety of factors, including cost of the program, the student's ability to contribute, student debt levels, and the school's availability of funds. All scholarship aid awards are made possible through the generosity of philanthropic donors. 

Students complete a financial aid application after they have been accepted into the program. Aid helps cover the direct expenses of attending the program, including tuition, fees, food, and lodging. Financial aid is available to admitted students who demonstrate need and who will contribute significantly to the program through classroom performance and leadership.  Bridge is for everyone with the potential and motivation to succeed and we will work with strong candidates from all backgrounds to join us. We encourage students to apply early as financial aid is distributed to students as they apply.



Employer Support

Students with internships or job offers have had success asking their employers to pay some or all of the Bridge fees. Employers reap the benefits of Bridge students' increased effectiveness on the job.


MentorWorks Education Capital

Do you need funding for the Tuck Business Bridge program?

Our partner, MentorWorks Education Capital, provides Income Share Agreement (ISA) financing which enables students to complete our program without incurring up-front tuition costs. ISAs are an alternative to loans which can help cover the costs of the Bridge program. If you are approved for an ISA, your tuition will be paid and you pay a percentage of your future income for a fixed period of time and up to a maximum cap. This ISA program is open to rising seniors, current seniors and students who have already completed their undergraduate programs.

Tuck Bridge and MentorWorks combine ISA financing with a career enhancement/networking platform which provides access for funded students to career advisors and employers. Students who meet the program’s standards and return as mentors earn repayment discounts and continue to access MentorWorks’ professional networks for their professional lifetimes. This is a unique solution that addresses the student debt crisis through a novel “fund and support” model. Open to US citizens only.

Students can use the online calculator to learn more about costs of an ISA and how it compares to loan options.  

Our program offers career advice and networking support to students. Mentors guide, counsel, and train students in soft skills as well as career and business skills. Our system also allows networking opportunities with individuals that can provide valuable advice and connections with our employer partners.

How Does it Work?
We provide a scalable mentoring and networking platform with features that effectively onboard mentors and students, enhance matching of students to mentors, automates feedback collection and interactions. Our system provides mentor matches based on characteristics that have strong outcomes.

  • Mentors can be selected by students or by school administration
  • Controls on the number of students a mentor receives
  • Automated feedback requests from students and mentors
  • Jobs board and discussion forums to create a meaningful and interactive community
  • Alumni can connect with each other on the platform
  • Students can opt to join our resume book and apply for positions with our employer partners

Interested in more information? Visit the MentorWorks website.