General FAQs

  • Q. Who may apply?

    A. We accept applications from rising juniors through graduating seniors, as well as candidates 1-3 years removed from college pursuing advanced degrees in non-business fields, or working in non-business careers. Undergraduate business majors and graduates with more than one year of full-time business-related experience will not be considered.

  • Q. When are applications due?

    A. Each program has multiple rounds of admissions. You are encouraged to apply as early as possible to secure a spot in your preferred program/session. See our deadlines here.

    As long as you submit the online application before the round deadline, you will be considered for that round. Once we receive your application, we will work with you through the remainder of the admissions process as your materials come in.

  • Q. What do I need to submit for admission to the Bridge Program?

    A. Please submit these items:

    • An online application
    • An official transcript from your undergraduate institution. If you attended more than one undergraduate school, please submit transcripts from them all. Ask your registrar's office to send your official electronic transcript to tuck.biz.bridge@dartmouth.edu or a signed paper copy to:

                  Bridge Admissions 
                  Tuck Business Bridge Program
                  100 Tuck Hall 
                  Hanover, NH 03755

    • A copy of your official SAT or ACT scores. International students must submit TOFEL scores.
    • One letter of recommendation from faculty (from a course in which you have been enrolled), two for rising juniors. 
  • Q. Should I wait until I have all my admissions materials—my letter of recommendation, SAT/ACT scores, and transcript—before submitting my Bridge application?

    A. No! You should submit your online application as soon as possible. Once we receive your application, we will work with you through the remainder of the admissions process.

  • Q. I took the SAT or ACT a long time ago and do not have a copy of my scores. How do I retrieve and send them to the Bridge Program?

    A. You may retrieve and send us your SAT or ACT scores in several ways:

    • SAT scores one or more years old are archived. You may contact the College Board online at www.collegeboard.org to order your scores and have them sent directly to us at the above address or electronically. The College Board charges a fee for this service. You will need to supply them with this Bridge Program code: 3902.
    • ACT scores two or more years old are archived. You may call ACT Customer Service at  319-337-1313 and ask them to send your scores directly to us at the above address. The ACT charges a fee for this service. You need to supply them with this Bridge Program code: 6727.
    • You may ask your school's deans or admissions office if they have a copy of your scores on file. If so, ask them to fax a copy to us at 603-646-1773. Please put "Attention: Tuck Bridge Program" on the fax cover sheet.
  • Q. Do I need to take the GMAT to apply to Bridge?

    A. No, Bridge only requires SAT or ACT scores unless you are an international student, in which case we need your TOFEL scores.

  • Q. Is there a recommendation letter form that I need to give to my professor?

    A. No. Please have your professor write a general letter of recommendation for the Tuck Business Bridge Program. You can also request a letter through the online application.

    Sophomores are required to submit two letter of recommendations.

  • Q. Can you send me a hard copy of the Bridge application?

    A. We do not offer hard copies of the application. You must complete our online application.

  • Q. Do I need to submit another online application if I have applied to the Bridge Program in the past?

    A. Yes, if you applied to the Bridge Program in the last two years you will need to start a new application. You will also need to submit an updated official transcript (unless you had already graduated before your original application). You do not need to submit an additional SAT/ACT test score report or new recommendation. 

  • Q. If I graduated college more than a year ago, can I still apply to Bridge?

    A. Yes, about 10 percent of our Bridge students are one or two years out of college, who have been working in a non-business field. Anyone who has more than one year of business-related experience is considered over-qualified for the Bridge Program. 

  • Q. Should I have a minimum GPA or SAT/ACT score?

    A. Although there is no minimum GPA or SAT/ACT score requirement, GPAs of 3.30 or higher are considered competitive.

  • Q. When will I know if I have been accepted to Bridge?

    A. Applicants are notified of admission decisions approximately 3-4 weeks after an admissions deadline.

  • Q. When do you review applications?

    A. We have four admissions rounds for Summer Bridge, beginning in January and ending on April 15. For December Bridge, there are three admissions rounds, beginning in June and ending on October 1. For Smith-Tuck Bridge there are two admissions rounds, March 1st and April 1st. For your application to be considered for an admissions round, you must submit your online application by the deadline date for that round. We cannot begin evaluating your application until we receive your letter(s) of recommendation and your transcript.  If you self-report SAT or ACT scores, we will evaluate your application before your official scores to arrive.

  • Q. Do you offer financial aid?

    A. Bridge offers financial aid in the form of loans and scholarships. Financial aid applications will be made available once applicants are admitted to the program.

Summer Bridge FAQs

  • Q. Can I apply to Summer Bridge if I am a rising junior?

    A. Yes, about 30 percent of our students are rising juniors. In this case, we ask that you submit two letters of recommendation from professors instead of just one.

  • Q. Can I apply if I am an international student?

    A. Yes, many international students attend Bridge each year. If you are an international student applying to the Bridge Program from outside the United States, you will have to submit a TOFEL score and apply for a visa from Dartmouth College.

  • Q. Do you accept business majors?

    A. No. Bridge courses in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and communications are intended for non-business majors. We do accept Economics majors from liberal arts and sciences institutions.

  • Q. What types of students attend Summer Bridge?

    A. Bridge students are liberal arts and sciences majors at small colleges and large universities who want to gain the competitive edge in their career development by acquiring fundamental business skills.

    In the summer of 2017, 260 students participated in two sessions. 40 percent were women and 20 percent were minorities. Students came from around the world, representing 77 schools, 70 majors, and 19 countries of origin.

  • Q. What career development resources are available through Bridge?

    A. Bridge offers a career day mid-way through the program that includes career panels to provide insight into the industries to which MBA and Bridge graduates typically gravitate. Interactive panel discussions and a networking lunch features topics from consulting to investment banking to marketing and the nonprofit sector. Additionally, we will have recruiters on campus interviewing and meeting Bridge students to round out our Career Bridge Program. Bridge Career Services provides workshops on writing résumés and cover letters, improving interviewing skills, and networking. Workshops will also help you tackle the tough analytical questions recruiters might ask. Bridge also offers access to its valuable corporate recruiting contacts with our online résumé book, which is sent to recruiters. Once you have perfected your résumé, it will be included in this book.

  • Q. Is there a difference between the two Summer Bridge sessions?

    A. No. The same top-rated Tuck MBA professors teach the same course material in each session. Also, the same career development programs are conducted, and recruiters generally attend both sessions.

  • Q. Will I have free time during Bridge?

    A. For the most part, your schedule is packed with courses, study group work, and career development programs. You will have classes on Saturdays, but Sundays are free days. We want you to get the most out of Bridge.

  • Q. Can I use the Tuck and Dartmouth facilities?

    A. You will have access to most of Tuck's facilities, including its business library, computer labs, study rooms, exercise room, and dining hall. In addition, you will have access to Dartmouth's Alumni Gym and dining halls.

  • Q. Where will I live and eat?

    A. Summer Bridge participants will live on the Tuck campus, in the same air-conditioned residence halls Tuck MBA students use during their school year. You will be provided with a meal card, which can be used at the various eateries on the Dartmouth campus. The Bridge Program is a total-immersion program, so you will experience Tuck as our MBA students do: by living and learning alongside your classmates.

  • Q. Can I receive course credit for attending Bridge?

    A. The Tuck Business Bridge program does not award attendees academic credit on completion of the program. Attendees would need to discuss the possibility of obtaining course credit with their undergraduate institution.

December Bridge FAQs