Who comes to Bridge?

There’s no “typical” Bridge student, but there are a few qualities shared by those who get the most out of the program.

Foremost is a passion to excel, to rise to challenges and succeed. So not surprisingly, we’ve found that our participants are also outstanding undergrad students.

Since much of the Bridge experience requires person-to-person collaboration, our students have exceptional interpersonal skills. And this applies to working with our engaged faculty as well as fellow students.

In Bridge classroom instruction followed by hands-on projects that put theory to work. Just as in real-world business situations, students need to transition from one model to another with ease.

But perhaps the best asset for success –both in our program and in life – is a curious and creative mind.

Diversity is treasured

For every way Bridge students are similar, there are many more ways they differ. Last year, students of 20 nationalities participated in the program. They represented different backgrounds and life experiences. They came from 77 schools – small, liberal arts colleges and large universities – in every region of the United States. English majors, engineers, and economists – 75 majors in all. 

Each came to learn as a group, but each had his or her own vision of the future. Over the years our graduates have chosen career paths in a wide range of industries, from health care and advanced technology to sports, entertainment, and the arts. Some go on for an MBA and a corporate career track, while many work outside the corporate world.

No matter where they go, this is where they started.

Byerss Test

I applied to Bridge to build on the quantitative skills that had been missing in my liberal arts education, and left with so much more.

~Shala Byers, Bridge ’07, Dartmouth ‘07
Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton
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Professor Hansen talking about students

Personal stories of how Bridge participants have had transformational experiences during the Tuck Bridge Program.

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