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What a top-ranked school means to you

The Tuck School of Business consistently ranks in the top handful of MBA programs around the world, but what does that really mean to you?

First, top-ranked schools have the best faculties: thought leaders at the forefront of their specialties, business experts who work with executives across the globe, and the most effective, engaged classroom teachers going. Because Tuck Business Bridge is taught by this kind of faculty, you gain.

Second, schools reach the top ranks through the success of their students, measured year after year. At Tuck, you’ll share an academic focus that’s been perfected for more than a century, one based on collaboration, comprehensive general-management skills, and individual attention for every student.

Third, top-ranked schools have powerful alumni networks that help new generations of graduates succeed. And Tuck is at the top of the top, with the most involved alumni of any school, anywhere.

Finally, top schools have the physical and financial resources to create an exceptional experience for their students. We’ve been welcoming students to our beautiful, Ivy-League campus for almost 250 years, and we’re ready to welcome you.

Cadescaj Test

No matter how much knowledge you have coming into the program, you’ll come out knowing more. You’ll come out having had an experience that many don’t get. It’s a challenge that will help you grow as an individual and as a professional. It really is a “life advantage.” That’s not just a slogan; Bridge really does provide that.

~Joyce Cadesca, Bridge ’09, Columbia University ’05, Tuck ‘13
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