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Gain essential business skills and critical career preparation in a business intensive.

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Bridge Your Future

Tuck Business Bridge is a total immersion business program designed to prepare top liberal arts and science undergrads and recent grads for challenging careers in business and beyond.

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Challenge Yourself

Tuck Business Bridge is an immersive and uniquely hands-on experience that emphasizes personal interaction, growth, and reflection.

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Become the Difference

Tuck Business Bridge gives you a firm foundation of business skills and access to a world of new career opportunities.

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Discover Your Bridge

Learn why Bridge alumnus David Katzman T’15 says attending Bridge was one of the greatest decisions he’s ever made.

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In 2010, as a sophomore at Williams College, Helena Nannes arrived at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College for her first day of the Tuck Business Bridge Program. What followed was a transformative experience that would not only lead to early career success in consulting, but would eventually draw her back to Tuck to pursue her MBA 5 years later.

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